If we only knew how to communicate

February 2nd, 2017

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If we only knew how to communicate

Each of us have a particular set of preferences as it relates to how we like to talk and how we like to be spoken to. For those relationships which develop over time you begin to take note of certain preferences each person likes or dislikes.  This is sometimes unconscious or done with intent depending on the nature of the relationship. We then use those pieces of information to engage others in conversation or push them away using a dismissive dialogue.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if we had a checklist on how to best communicate with those we work with?

Well the answer is not only yes, but we already have the tools and technology to make this reality.

Think of how valuable this checklist would be for existing employees to make the already good communication that much better. How about the appreciation and understanding of the new hire to the organization?  How much faster could that person and their colleagues get more productive with this information?

For too many years the approach has been to figure it out as you go over time.  Unfortunately time is moving much faster and the cost of delays or errors that much more expensive.

Take into consideration the interactions of voicemail, email, texting etc. If those forms of communication could be enhanced to bring about more effective results, how would that improve your bottom line?

With all the technology we have in and around our businesses, we still must communicate to build and grow our businesses. So why guess about how to best talk to each other?

This week, give some consideration as to how effective your team is communicating with each other.  Can you validate you are getting the most out of the interactions between your staff regardless of the means of moving information between the departments?

Communication is the life blood of an organization. The better it moves effectively and directly contributed to the result the stronger your business grows.

Wondering how to get your hands on these Checklists for Communication? Call JKL Associates (313) 527-7945 and ask us how we can personalize your communication efforts with your team.

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