Being professional

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April 14, 2010 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Being professional

It always sounds so simple but why is it such a challenge for so many individuals in the business world?

Maybe because the standard for “professional" is so different between people. What does the definition of professional mean to you? What does it mean to your leaders? What about your employees or even your customers? Is it different based upon the industry or profession you are in? Lots of questions with out so many simple answers.

Take for example the plumber that arrives at your home and before they enter the property, they stop and put shoe covers
on their feet so they don’t track dirt into the property or onto the rug. How do you react? Is this professional or expected?

What about the cashier that thanks you for your purchase and extends to you to have a nice day. Is that professional or expected?

How about the waitress that takes the blame for an order from the kitchen that was mixed up and corrects it with out
additional issue? Is that professional or expected?

Is what is expected the same a professional?

Part of the challenge here is the variance between generations, genders,  geographical difference and many other factors. If you don’t have a set of standards you hold yourself to when being professional, then what you expect may be a lower standard than others. This results in others being potentially more or less professional to a defined level of performance. If you let individuals in your company use their own definition of professional then your employees and customers will most likely be treated differently based on whom they interact with. Some will get professional services and others with get poor professional service.

This week take a look at what your definition of professional is. Does your business culture understand that performance standard or is it assumed? Is the standard in alignment with the customers professional needs? Is the audience or your customer looking to purchase based on a certain level of professionalism?

Test out the standard in your company this week and take the necessary steps to put in place a high level of repeatable
professionalism. It could very well be the difference between profit and out of business in the future.

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