Are you open to improvement?

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April 21, 2010 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Are you open to improvement?

Your business growth and profitability is based on simple things being done better every day. The biggest question for your future business success is – Are you open to improvement?

Many of you will immediately answer yes to this question. It is a no brainer. In order to grow we must change ourselves to the surrounding elements so that we can position our businesses for future success.

Intellectually the answer is fairly straight forward and easy to respond.  The larger challenge is following up the intellect with corresponding behaviors and actions.

As a business owner with your primary objective to operate a profitable business you make choices about marketing/sales, operations, and the associated expenses to support the fulfillment of those objectives. This is the black and white side of running the business.

On the other side is the more colorful aspects – work with the people in the business. This is where the behaviors of the business owner speaks louder than any budget or accounting line items can every convey.

So this week, as leaders in the business, we need to step back and take account of our day to day behaviors.  Are they contributing or distracting from the goals of the business?

This is pretty difficult for leaders to do as we sometimes get blinders on with respect to our own way of conducting ourselves in the business.  The old saying of “do as I say not as I do” can sum up many work environments.

To check out your own approach in the workplace, take time to consciously think about the transaction you are about to take. Capture your desired actions in a kind of mental snapshot.  Conduct your activity and then do a post transaction picture and lay them side by side in your  mind.  Do the pictures look similar?  What could be changed or improved in either or both mental pictures?

Then ask yourself – are you open to that improvement?  If yes then decide right then and there to improve on those items and hold yourself to that standard.

Give it a try for a few staff transactions and see what they see in you.

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