All Talk–No Action

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April 28, 2010 – ISSN# 1545-2646


All Talk – No Action

Over the course of a lifetime, we have all been stuck in one of those conversations were the person tells us all about how good they are and all the things they have accomplished. These situations are actually better than the conversation where the person does not tell us about their historical escapades but outlines all the things they profess to be doing and will be accomplishing.

I differentiate these because although both conversations can be rather painful, the one that proclaims the future is all talk and not necessarily backed up by action.

I recently interviewed a candidate for a client and the person had a resume and work history worth investigating. In the conversation, I asked the candidate to outline how they would go about achieving results for the client.  I then asked the candidate to give specific details on actual sales related accomplishments and how they went about doing the activities of their role. The two views did not align very well.

The candidate was intellectually very in tune with how he should respond to the questions and what he should do in practice. His actual actions/efforts did not live up to or align with the same direction as his words.

Where was the potential disconnect?

Many people have a disconnect between what is talked about and what is done in day to day practice.  It is fairly easy to speak about what or how to do something and quite another to put those words into real action to realize a repeatable result.

This is not limited to sales people or operations people or any other functional area of a business.  Sometimes the offender is the leader of the business.  Comments are made but actual practice is something different.

This week look around at your business actions.  Are your actions in alignment with the objectives of the business.  Are they conveying where you want the business to go? Ask a few of your employees if your actions are in agreement with your words.

Once you have your answers then start to move your actions and word into closer alignment.

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