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May 12, 2010 – ISSN# 1545-2646



In talking with clients and prospects alike there is a theme or trend of discussion that is very challenging in the marketplace these days. 

Are the employees more lazy these days or are they just not motivated to achieve?

This is a difficult question to address because there are so many factors to give consideration to and then to apply those considerations on a personal one on one basis with each person in the organization.  It is definitely not something you can paint a wide brush with and cover all the situations.

Some of this is just perception between age demographics or generations. This is not to say that one is better or right but we can absolutely say they view the world through different sets of lenses.

Baby boomers grew up in routine based living and management styles. Some of their success is the result of or the perception of that system of living and working. They may not appreciate the benefits or value of flexible schedules.

Not all corporate environments need defined hall ways and offices with walls.  Some flourish with bullpen style openness with pool and foosball tables. Does the style of the environment and culture enable or disable achievement?  Does it promote laziness or performance?

We all have certain key things that drive us to do things whether for work, play, family or business.  These cornerstones shape the drive we have and the motivation to realize the dreams. The path we all take is as unique as our finger print or shape of our eyes.

As business leaders we need to be open to invite in this new and differing approach so to expand the cultures of our businesses.  At the same time we do not have to give up on the traditions and culture of success that has been and remains the foundations of the business’s profitability.

It is very important to have cultural standards that define the boundaries of tolerance to changes in routine. Too often these are left to individual judgment of the employees. They all think and process differently.  Having the play book allows for everyone to decide how they play in the game or if their talents don’t align then to find a different game to play in.

The best thing a business leader can do for their team is to help them either be part of the team all moving in alignment or help them realize they are out of alignment and enable them to find a team where their talents contribute with that organization’s culture and values.

This week take a look at your team members.  Can you help them align their talents to the organizations culture and performance boundaries? Do your boundaries need updating or refinement?

Motivation for the best reasons will trump laziness every time. I don’t think people are lazy by design, they are just not aligned with where their motivations are taking them.

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