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May 19, 2010 – ISSN# 1545-2646


After 30 plus years of being involved in the building of businesses and the use of software as tools to impact positive results, there is one thing I can say is certain – software can not fix people problems.

In fact it is more likely to highlight more challenges that need to be dealt with rather than magically correcting business issues. I like to refer to software tools and the automation of business information as organizing chaos so that now you know it exists and you must do something about it.

In my early days being involved with software, I witnessed many organizations seeking the holy grail by purchasing a software package that would do everything they need it to do in order to run their business more efficiently.  The business operations were relinquished to the software being the problem and not the processes or the people doing or not doing them.

Most people can relate to writing checks and balancing a check book. There are software product that can not only help in balancing your check book but can also print check right on your printer. These are all great capabilities of the software but if there is no money in the account to write checks against, no software will fix that issue.

If the software in your car tells you that the engine is not running right and you elect to not get the engine serviced then more problems can tend to take place. The software did its job of analyzing the data and raising the warning but it requires a person to actually intervene in order for the resolution to take place. If the person is not skilled or has no idea on what or how to deal with the problems or the process then the software did not fail the organization developing the person failed.

In business today you must leverage the best skills of your people, your processes/procedures and the tools such as software in order to stay in a profitable business. From $29.00 accounting packages for your PC to significant investment large scale enterprise resource planning and account systems, the end result will be the same if the reason for implementing the tool is to fix people. It will fail so save your money.

If your business is in need of fixing itself from the inside – out then get your business in order. Model the software tools to your lean, well organized business. Yes, software can assist in bringing about the necessary changes. Burdening the success of the software on changing the people to the software approach will only create more distaste for the tools and doom them to weak use and success.

This week take a look at your business processes, procedures, systems and technology.  Are they working in concert with the objectives of the business?  Are the people working in concert with the objectives of the business?  Are the systems and the people in concert with each other?

There is real value to be gained once you have all of the moving parts working in harmony.

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