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June 2, 2010 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Everyday we keep score on all kinds of things.  We track our golf game, our kids Little League scores, and how much our investments are growing or declining. Some of the things we track are for fun and others are very critical to the future we are creating for ourselves.

In business we have a variety of measurements we track as well. From the balance in the bank account to critical performance indicators on goals and objectives. In your organization, the metrics you set and keep track of determine your forward progress.

If you track the wrong items you will get a false impression of where your business is going. One indicator might show you are out performing while another indicator runs contrary to the performance.

In golf the baseline for a given hole is “Par.” It varies from hole to hole dependent on length, complexity and other factors.  Once established this value remains constant unless the hole layout is changed.  This value give the player an understanding as to how to measure or score against the given stroke value for the hole.  More than Par or Less than Par are indicators to performance for that hole and cumulatively for the course of 18 holes.

In sales you can also define “par” for activities necessary to build a funnel of business.  Each activity is like a different hole and therefore gets a different value.  For example you might set “par” for the number of new name account prospecting calls a sales rep needs to make in a given day.  When the rep plays this part of the sales game they either shoot under or over “par.”  In the case of prospecting calls under par is not a good performance, where as over par is better. 

In some parts of the country at lower levels of athletics, clubs have adopted the “No Keeping Score” approach.  They say they want the children to focus on the enjoyment and not who wins or loses.  I know I will most likely get some flack for this but I’m against this approach.  Kids like adults keep score regardless of what is on the scoreboard.  They want to know who wins and loses.  They want to know how they performed.

I have worked at a variety of level of sport from college to Special Olympics. Even in the Special Olympics the athletes keep score and want to know who won.  They don’t overly focus on that aspect but the athletes still keep score regardless of the outcome.

This week you need to look at what you are keeping score of in your business.  What have you set as “Par” for the business course in your organization.  Are your players meeting, exceeding or falling behind on their score?

As the saying goes – If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. – This week start to manage what you can!

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