Everything is not Equal

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June 23, 2010 – ISSN# 1545-2646


In a society when there are lots of effort to make everything be equal, the reality is that everything cannot be equal.

Lets give consideration to such things as medical treatment during a bad accident.  When doing triage, decisions are made as to which injury requires a higher priority of attention.

What about that technical service call – in one case a person has a question about how something’s work where another person’s computer is not working at all.  Which one should get a higher priority?

Two sales reps work territories of common size and opportunity potential but one is selling 25% more goods and services.  Which one should get the greatest portion of the manager’s attention?  If you thought the reps selling less you would be wrong.  Don’t forget about that rep but work with the producing rep to double their potential rather than doubling the lesser production.

The basic laws of nature are still present in the business world today.  They just have been covered up to help promote weaker and less effective talent rather than sorting out top talent and moving progress forward.  People have been given elite status not because they have earned the place in the organization but because they have chosen to not excel and be a mainstream talent so their counterparts will like them.

This week, take a look around your organization and see if being equal or providing equal has added value to your organization or made your business less productive.

Right about now some reading this are wondering about the protection under the constitution of equal rights.  I’m absolutely in favor of equal opportunity.  We should never place judgment based on race or creed etc.  As leaders we should also not lower our standards of progress or success just because of pressures of being fair. A wise teacher once told me that fair does not necessarily mean equal.

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