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July 28, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646


During the course of many conversations in recent weeks with business leaders, many have expressed the numerous challenges that keep popping up for them to address.

It started me thinking about an arcade  game I have been told about called “Whack a Mole.” I have not personally played the game at the arcade but have played the same events in business. The concept of the game is that moles pop their heads up through holes in a board and the player has a mallet to hit the mole on the head before it recedes back into its hole.  The popping up of moles is random and the timing is varied so the players can’t pre-plan which hole the next mole will show up in.

During challenging business times, as business leaders we play this same arcade game in our daily business life.  Each day and throughout the day many different problems and challenges are presented to us.  We need to navigate in a timely fashion to quickly resolve one issue before the next issue presents itself.  Sometimes the issue appears and then goes away only to reappear in another area of the company.

The objective of the arcade game is to whack moles and be rewarded with points. The objective of our business efforts is to identify challenges, resolve them so they don’t reappear in another part of the company.

This game is all about reaction time and how quickly the player can move from one mole to the next. In business, some of this reaction energy can be replaced by some quality leadership and the following of “Best Practices” to run your business.  Obviously the rules of the business game are ever changing.  Some changes are in our favor and others more distraction from the goals and objectives.

This week, take a fun approach to looking at all the moles that pop their head up in your business and how you react to address the challenge.  Being quick is only part of the process.  Being accurate and complete is also part of the process.  If you are noticing that many of the moles you have to deal with are the result of other leadership not leading then there is your place to start.  The whacking of the mole may just be the symptom rather than the deeper problem.

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