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August 25, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646


As I sat down to write the newsletter, I was taking a break from a rather busy week of stress filled events.

Some of the stress was good and constructive.  The kind that gets you motivated to move to the next level of success. There was also the nasty kind that keeps you awake at night.

Being in business and just living life is filled with a variety of dynamics that cause each of us to react different to similar situations. That negative nasty stress for one person is just the opposite for another.

If we take stress to the fight or flight level, then we can start to understand where each of us are on the spectrum of dealing with stress.  Backed into a corner and fighting for your life will cause some stress.  It releases endorphins into the blood system to engage your physical body to produce in ways you never thought you could even imagine.

A good example is the mother that is about to witness her child get run over by a car and proceeds to lift the car in the air.  This is not normal for the mother to posses such strength but the stress, the reaction to the fight or flight triggered the manifestation of focused energy.

In work, we hopefully do not have to deal with such life crises but we tend to bring this level of stress upon ourselves.  Weak decisions and redundant lack of execution causes processes to not produce as planned.  The end result is more stress to accomplish the objective even when it was within our original realm to manage.

This week, take a look at the stress inducing activity that is happening around you.  Observe and be critical of your view – are you the cause or at least part of the cause?  Start with focusing on your own stress that you bring onto yourself.  Understand that other stress induced by others may or may not be within your control.  Start with controlling what you can control and reduce your stress this coming week.

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