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September 1, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Depending on what you are doing, close enough may be acceptable or it may just cost you a bundle.

Each day we all make judgment calls on various transactions in our businesses. As senior leaders, we have developed the tolerances to shape and drive the business toward the goals and objectives. As time goes on and economic challenges present themselves, the internal gauge used under similar circumstances in the past might no longer be applicable in the present.

We may have enabled certain behaviors in our staff when times were good only to have those same behaviors now become significantly a drain on company resources. That change back to a new “normal” is a real problem.

What use to be acceptable as “Close Enough” is now unacceptable. In the mind of your employee it appears to have been just fine yesterday, but today the boss has a different perspective. Granted times and situations do need to influence our reactions and behaviors but having such a swing of acceptable or close enough one day and not the next send really confusing messages.

The same situation applies to how leaders treat employees.  In their mind they treat everyone the same.  Unfortunately some are provided premium status and others something less even when providing comparable value to the organization.

This week evaluate your transactions.  Do you have and deliver a consistent standard or treatment for comparable deliverables?  Is close enough today the same as yesterday or a week from today?

If you are trying to ignite gas, the match can be close enough to the flammable liquid to do major damage.  Consider your behaviors as that match and your staff as the explosives.  How do you now define close enough?

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