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September 8, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646



As a child, I remember the pick up football games that took place each lunch hour on the playground at elementary school. We started with splitting up the teams by captains picking from the string of players all professing to be the best choice. Once we split up team, we had to decide who was to receive the ball and who was on defense.  To do this, one person would spin the ball behind the other persons back and ask if the ball had Grooves, Spaces or Laces on the top of the ball.  If the person was correct in their guess they got choice of kick or receive.

I sometimes see this approach to running a business. The owner  hires the best people he could select from the available people and then leave the choice of running the business up to a random selection of Grooves, Spaces or Laces.

Sometimes the owner selects right and sometime not such a good choice.  This applied to both the people and the events that either grow the business or challenge its’ success day in and day out. 

It is not that the owner signed up for the problems but sometimes they just invite them in by not preparing for each step in the process of running the business.

Back in school the captains typically knew who could run fast and who could catch the ball and who was good for blocking. This distribution of talent then impacted how each team played against one another.  The team with the fast runner and no body to catch always ran the sweep play.  The other team with the receivers sent everyone down field and launched the ball hoping somebody on their team would catch it.

This week, take a moment to look at your roster.  What real talent do you have and which players are on the team because they were standing along the sideline when teams were picked.  I know this sounds pretty harsh but in business it is not about everyone getting a chance to play.  It is about profits, growth and asset building.

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