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September 15, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646



Each of us have a particular preference on how we go about doing things.  Whether it be interacting with people, the pet, our computer and even cell phone. These styles or behaviors are observable to those around us.  They see how you approach a situation and then the results you get from that approach.

Some of us are very fixed in our approach.  It is this way or no way.  Others are very flexible and open to various ways to get things accomplished. Both are and can be successful. 

The challenge is to adapt to situations when dealing with others with different styles so that the collective results for both parties is better.

Take a person that we might say is very organized – everything in its place and compare it with a person that may appear to be disorganized.  They both can be successful executives and owners of business. What we tend to do is make a framework that we like the most and then try to fit others into that box. That box tends to be the way we prefer things to be accomplished.

When we get into situations where that box is not easily managed, we get stressed out.  We start to direct energy not into what we are doing but at the person we are doing it with or for. This misdirected energy is then taken by the other person as an attack of who they are as a person.

It was likely never the intent of one person to the other to create this non productive environment but it happens every day between most of us.

This week I challenge each of us to look at the relationships we have daily and ask ourselves – am I fixed or flexible as it relates to how I conduct business with my colleagues?

Can I expand the box of interpersonal skills to engage my colleagues into a more productive work situation?

Am I not opening up and moving toward a a fuller understanding of my behaviors and those behaviors with whom I interact with regularly?

What you might discover will lead you to a next level of performance.

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