The art of the question.

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October 13, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Carefully crafted questions can stimulate very productive dialogue both in business and in our personal lives. So why don’t people use questions to discover and develop themselves and others?

For those readers that might remember the TV show Colombo, the detective would always ask a key question of the suspect just prior to him leaving the scene.  The question sometimes seemed very odd or twisted and the suspect would tend to awkwardly answer the questions that appeared to lead to nowhere.

The question lead the detective directly where he wants the suspect to be concerned about and thus leading him to the information necessary to solve the case.

In business people are so concerned with answers that they don’t take the time to formulate the right questions.  This happens in sales situations, in employee hiring situations, in customer service situations and so on.

This week listen to your colleagues as they try to uncover information using questions.  Unlike our detective, they assume much of the answer before the question is even asked.  I’m not suggesting that you ask 100 questions to get answers but a few carefully crafted questions can do the work of many. 

The other art of the question is to ask the follow up question or questions.  I have referred to this technique as peeling the onion.  Take layer after layer to get to the core of the onion or in problems the real issues at hand.

So the big question for you reading this – will you invest the time this week to explore how crafting great questions can enhance your ability? Can you discover critical information which allows you to solve  problems? Can this provide the details to provide solutions that deliver both features and benefits?

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