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October 20, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646


In looking at talent, there are many factors to consider when hiring, developing, promoting and terminating.  Some are scientific and quantifiable and others are more subjective and less measurable.

All of these elements need to be considered as business owners and managers make important decisions about building teams and leaders in their organizations.  Depending on the defined end results, some factors play more heavily into the picture than others.

A couple of these factors  to look at are the persons desire for doing or achieving something and the persons capacity to do or achieve the outcome.

For example, lets say a particular person shows the capacity to do a type of work like accounting.  They know the details plus the ins and outs of the subject matter.  They may have even had some formal training on financial principles.  These pieces of data might very well make this employee a potential candidate for doing some work in your accounting department.

Let us also look at this employees desire to do this type of work.  Will they enjoy this detail oriented, more typically routine activities day in and day out?

This is where the capacity to do something vs. the desire to do something are critical in developing or promoting employees.

I have unfortunately been part of these development challenges as employee, manager, leader and business strategist.  Some of them I had input on and others I was just part of the process.

It is difficult sometimes to truly identify this desire vs. capacity at the time when the person is being considered because their want of the career improvement supersedes their real feelings about doing the role.

This week, take a look around your organization and consider identifying those employees who have the capacity and the desire to excel in a function they currently are not doing. Also look for employees that are doing a job right now because they have the capacity but they have lost their desire to perform. By identifying these gaps and taking step to correct them, this will directly lead to long-term company growth. People that have capacity and desire will out perform people that just have capacity.

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