Training for Unemployment

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November 3, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Training for Unemployment

I have met numerous business leaders over my career.  None of them have a desire to place employees out of work. Unfortunately some business leaders are not very good at differentiating who is working for their business and who is working against their business. As a result of leaders not developing this set of skills, many employees are currently in the process of training themselves for unemployment.

I recently visited a coffee shop with my family to get a drink and a pastry.  Upon arrival, we all commented on how busy the parking lot was and the line was backed up to the door.  Our initial impression was that the business was booming.

The reality was that the staff was training for unemployment.

After waiting for about 10 minutes for the clerks to take care of the people in line in front of us, it was our turn.  It is important to understand that for it to take 10 minutes to handle about 4 other customers asking for a beverage and donut is a rather long time for this type of business.

The clerk asked us for our order.  It had to be repeated multiple times.  She indicated that they did not have blueberry bagels and so we selected a different product. I bring this up because before we received our beverages and bagels, blueberry bagels were sold to the next person in line.

We let it go anticipating receipt of our order momentarily but shame on us for thinking that was about to happen.  One drink came forth and then a minute or so later another drink.  Then bagels can up.  We asked about the third beverage and the person indicated it was in the middle of the next counter down the way about 10 feet.  As we made our way to that location, the beverage was stored behind a glass counter with out access from our side.  We had to ask another individual to get it for us.

During this entire timeframe which was most likely 15 plus minutes we observed that the resources in this establishment were not working for the leadership let alone themselves.  There was no sense of pride or contribution to the efforts of the business. Had the owner been there, I could only imagine that things would have been very different.

This week take a look around your organization and see if you have employees that are in training for unemployment.  Maybe you as the leader can have some preventative engagement with them so they can once again be energized to participate in the business.  If not then you need to exercise your skills to help them use their most recently developed unemployment skills by assisting them to pursue work that they may enjoy at an alternate venue.

There are a lot of people that are still interested in doing a good days work for a paycheck.  Don’t deprive those individuals by keeping resources on your payroll that have given up on your business.

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