What exactly do you want your customer to experience?

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November 10, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646


What exactly do you want your customer to experience?

Everyone has had the experience of contacting a vendor, supplier, service provider or many other institutions to discuss an order or purchase. More likely than not you have called not to give the praise for a job well done but more to deal with some issue or concern to correct a situation with your goods or services.

Think about this – how much thought goes into this part of the business. Was it a necessary evil to staff people to take calls that come in? Was it part of a defined strategy to not only solve issues (they do happen to all organizations) but to enhance the relationship between the provider and the consumer? This list could be quite lengthy but needs to be addressed in every business.

I wonder about this because an organization will profess their outstanding customer service but staff their call center will individuals that struggle with the English language – not only in speaking it but in understanding it.  Does this make much sense for an organization wanting your business but then alienating you when you call them?

There is always a buzz around people about the press “1” for English prompt.  Is this customer service or has our society simply become numb to this type of telephone system rhetoric?

As business leaders, take a strong look at what your organization delivers to your customers when a transaction or interface take place.  If you were in the customers shoes and dealing with your business, will you get the desired experience you think your company provides? Do you see this part of your business as critical to achieving the mission and strategic vision for the future?  Do you fund this part of your organization with strategic funds or a necessary budget?

Let’s face it – our society has some very distinct and ever changing expectations for businesses to live up to.  They can change as often as the wind during storm season.  As leaders you need to define your customers service expectations and then fund the  training and development of the people that do that critically important part of your daily processes.

There are more and more choices for where customers will spend their money.  They are overly critical to the experience they receive when conducting business with you and your organization.  It is time for you to be very objective and look at your customer service and determine if it is meeting with the vision you have for it.

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