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December 8, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646





All of us have various routines we do each and every day. Maybe it is the wake up routine or going to bed routine.  Maybe it is the routine of making your cup of coffee just right – putting in the sugar before the hot coffee or maybe it is that daily jog to keep fit.

When those routines are changed, we struggle with getting them back to that desired consistency that gives us that sense of calm and focus. Sometimes we are successful and other times the routines we once held so close have gone away and new routines must be created to fill the void.

It is this very point of change in routine that gives each of us a unique opportunity to re-evaluate the past routine and capture what was good. We can then add to it what can and will be better moving forward in a brand new routine.

Let’s look at how routines can enhance your business. 

If on a daily basis you arrive at the office and have no routine or plan of work to accomplish then your day starts and most likely finishes as a day of fighting fires.  You move from one event to the next without regard for how they link together. Are they contributing to the objective of the day, week, month, year and overall mission of the business?

If you have some defined routines then you can actually maximize your day. This creates additional available time which gives you more time to deal with the unplanned events each of us experience. Too often I hear from employees that having a routine is worthless as it gets broken each and every day.

I will challenge that by stating that the routine is the defined outline and certain routines need to take precedence over other unplanned events.  Your routines may need you to take certain actions to ensure the routine gets done.  For instance, maybe your routine requires you to focus for 20 minutes to get some invoices prepared or make some collection calls.  During that time, make your work area off limits to others and their questions.  Try to have a set time say 9:30-9:50 for the 20 minutes each day.  Train those around you about your routine and have them develop routines in concert with your routines.  When you need a specific timeframe to get your routine accomplished, they can take your calls or deal with your customers.  You then do the same for them.

By defining and holding yourself accountable to routines you begin to leverage your general time in to very focused time.  Your productivity goes up and your results begin to soar.

This week take a look at your routines.  Do they need upgrading?  Do they need replacing?  Are you using routine to leverage your time?

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