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December 15, 2011 – ISSN# 1545-2646

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A measure of the capacity to be answerable for personal actions.

Each of us has a personal bank account of accountability.  We fill it with deposit of holding ourselves accountable for our own personal actions. Those deposits grow over time and give dividends when others acknowledge that capacity and it allows us to grow and develop.

We also make withdrawals from our personal accountability bank account when we do not hold ourselves to the standards we should and take responsibility for our actions.

It is simple – holding yourself to high  standards and being accountable regardless of outcome will have its short term setbacks but in the long run your integrity and credibility will stand out like a shining beacon on a foggy night.

So what does personal Accountability mean:

  1. Accepts personal responsibility for the consequences of personal actions
  2. Avoids placing unnecessary blame on others
  3. Maintains personal commitment to objectives regardless of the success or failure of personal decisions
  4. Applies personal lessons learned from past failures to moving forward in achieving future successes

This week during the flurry of last minute business efforts in 2011, take a few minutes to re-evaluate your own Personal Accountability in 2011.  How do you stack up? What can and will you do in 2012 to enhance this critical leadership skill?

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