Having Vision and Passion

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January 26, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Having Vision and Passion

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Ice Sculpture exhibit in one of the local towns as part of their winter festivities. The brisk sub freezing weather was great for preserving the ice but a bit cold for the on lookers watching the artists work their magic on blocks of ice.

As I viewed the many various sculptures, it was apparent that these artist each started with a vision of the end product. Each then advanced to completion because of their passion for the art of sculpting ice.

With the coldness of the weather, the wind whistling at their back, they had multiple reasons to toss in the tools and head to the warmth of the fireplace and hot chocolate.  They did not leave their craft.

As leaders in business, the community and our individual households, vision and passion must be part of the key ingredients to current and future success.

How many of you have a defined vision for where your will be in the future – 5 years from now – 10 years from now – at retirement age? Many of us have had to rework our vision due to the changes in the economic work setting.  What and how is your vision being realized now?

Like the ice sculptors, their plan for the swan, car or machine had an initial outcome (their vision).  As they cut and chipped ice from the edges of the block, new opportunities presented themselves as the ice responded favorably or broke off in undesirable fashion.

It was their passion for their vision that kept them focused and helped them respond to the positive and negative elements of the event. That committed resolve to be the best at their craft and to deliver perfection in their results yielded truly amazing works of art.

This week look at your business and your personal life and ask yourself the tough question – am I realizing my vision? Is my passion in alignment with my vision? Am I ready to accept the pain of setback and take lessons learned to create a better result?

Your answers if ruthlessly honest could very well be the key to more energy in 2012.

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