Too Fast–Too Slow

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March 1, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Too Fast – Too Slow

We all can recall the story of the Tortoise and the Hare from our youth. The hare and tortoise are in a race which the hare takes a considerable lead only to stop and take a nap while the tortoise plods along only to surpass the hare and win the race. I have witnessed these same type of actions by both businesses and employees. 

As a leader, one of your roles is to enable progress.  That progress needs to be, at a minimum, consistent with the industry. Ideally you should strive to lead your industry group.  Your progress must also be in alignment with your core values of your organization. The  application of services your business renders MUST deliver to your customers what you promise.

In the case of the hare, sometimes I see businesses and employees working so hard and fast that they lose sight of the customer and their needs.  When we consider the tortoise, I also see that being to conservative and slow to react equally gives your customers a dis-service.

Each of us brings to the workplace behaviors that either align with the job roles and company culture or are in conflict with them.  Over time the employees evolve as well as the organizations culture.  Sometimes it is by design and other times it is in reaction to changes in the marketplace and/or economy. In the past few years, business owners have had to make many adjustments to their workforce and company model. Most of those changes are now well ingrained into the daily operation.

As the business world begins to sort out its next wave of changes, each of us need to reflect upon how we can best contribute to the organizations we support.  Maybe you feel like you have been running a strong race and want to take a nap. Others may feel like they will keep the current pace and out last the competition.

In the case of the hare – napping and letting the opportunity to win slip past you is a track to the loss of additional business. As for the strategy of the tortoise, staying back and plodding along may work but many other organizations are driving forward with new strategies designed to take advantage of the changes in the marketplace.

This week, take a look at your business and your employees.  Is your business the Hare, the Tortoise or some combination of the two. Do your employees understand how their behaviors contribute to the strategies you are moving forward with to position your company for success?

Do you employ some hares that are napping? Do you employ some tortoises that although plod along will never be able to take your company to the next level?

All reasonable questions to evaluate as 2012 moves forward.

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