March Madness

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March 15, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


March Madness

It is that time of the year when basketball takes center stage in the college and high schools around the country.

This yearly event, specifically the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division 1 tournament can have both positive and negative impact on your business.  On the negative side, studies indicate that across work sectors, workers will spend some 8 million hours during the business day watching the games via the internet or off premises at other establishments.  This could equate to a conservative $200+ million dollars of lost productivity.

On the other side of the equation, some employers use this as a part of their employee morale efforts. Setting up a large screen TV in the workplace and providing snacks and beverages so the work teams can actually participate in the energy generated by the competition.  I could not find any actual studies that quantified the productivity gains but those employees that engage in this type of activity are convinced that going with the flow of the madness far out weights and out lasts having the employees hide their addition to watch the games secretly.

This madness season take a look at how you can use this energy to bolster the gains in your business.  Maybe an impromptu company party on a Thursday afternoon?  Possibly a contest and the winner gets a day off work or dinner for two at a sports restaurant?

The reality is that your business will be impacted by this annual event.  The question you must ask yourself is – Do you want a positive impact to carry your business forward into the rest of 2012 or just pay the lost productivity bill secretly?

It is your business – have a comment, have a suggestion, let us know.

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