Loss of Vision

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March 22, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Loss of Vision

I realize there is much debate over the concepts of vision and mission.  Some profess they are separate and unique while others contend that they are one in the same. Today is not about solving that discussion but more about having a well defined direction for your organization to engage and drive forward to success.

In challenging times, one of two things tend to happen with organizations.  They either embrace their vision and it becomes the thread to pull them into the next success or they abandon the mission and start to create changes on the fly.  The latter tends to be the one that never really had a defined direction and established a set of core values to give guidance to the actions of the business. Those businesses tend to toss out the whole approach of vision and mission and in its place live by the plan of the day.

During times with great change there is a real necessity to be agile to changes that come your way.  If those changes are not filtered and processed with respect to core values and direction, they can lead an organization down paths to poor performance and to potential destruction.

In a recent visit to a local park, I saw a sign (pictured above) that unfortunately shows not only the lack of respect for public property but captures what happens to organizations when they lose site of their vision.

The sign at one time described the plan for the development of the area.  It highlights specific areas on the horizon and the details of what was to be accomplished.  In other words it captured the future best state of the park. Over some time the chaos of change happened and obscured the vision not only of the sign but of the future for the area.

This week I challenge you to take a look at your plan for the future.  Do you have a vision or mission that you are working to grow, build and have a successful business?  Are there key indicators that you measure your progress by? Are your people aware of your plan and understand each day their contribution to achievement of the plan?

For some these questions are easy to answer but the result is not in alignment with the end objectives. For others the questions are not so easy and need a time commitment to get them answered. Regardless of how you answer them, are you personally engaged in delivering?

Don’t have a loss of vision by being blind to what is going on right under your nose in your business.  Open up the shades and lets some new light shine in to make what is there more brilliant. See the end of the tunnel with a new brighter vision.

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