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April 5, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Put Me in Coach

A colleague and client recently sent me an email with a link to an article in Forbes.  The link and article talked about Payton Manning and his most recent signing.

The interesting thing about the email was that the client said that this reminded him of me and what I do for my clients. 

So many times people ask me what I can do for them and/or their business.  They all understand that a third party person can add an additional set of eyes and ears to the building of the business but all too often they let “stuff” get in the way of engaging advisory services.

Some of the stuff falls into the No Time, No Money, No new Ideas, etc.

The fact of the matter, the article sums up the value of adding resources to your TAC – Trusted Advisory Counsel.  It spells out 10 points to consider when looking for those resources to add some special guidance to your ascent to the next level of success.

Interestingly enough, the article references that superstars, such as Manning have not one advisor or coach as he refers to them, but multiple resources on his team.

This week take some time to look at the Forbes article – the link is below.  I recognize that having someone to bounce ideas off of and to challenge you back will be a bit awkward at the beginning.  You may have to set your ego aside and give some consideration to the fact that you don’t know everything or there is a possibility of a better approach.  For business owners that is a large stumbling block.

The article gives you some frames of reference not just from a successful business owner but a big time superstar in his own right.  The writer of the article jokes that for us normal leaders we may need 10 coaches.  For now if you have not already started to craft your TAC then this week is a great time to start.

To reference the Forbes article directly click here.

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