Spring has Sprung

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April 12, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Spring has Sprung

Living in Michigan is one of the places in the USA where there are truly four seasons.  This year with the mild winter, spring felt like it arrived early.  With the trees in full bloom and grass greening up the neighborhoods, staying focused on business begins to become challenging for many people.

As the weather warms up and employees leave the building to take in some fresh air they, like all of us, may wander a little longer during their lunch period and the result is that productivity can take a little hit.

I would caution business leaders to not get to crazy about this short term impact on productivity as this little blip on the work effort is actually an important part of building the energy needed to build the business during the summer months when many organizations are impacted by vacations.

Over the most recent couple of years, business owners have asked a lot from their staff.  Some have had to reduce staff and ask others to take on added responsibilities for no additional compensation.  Other businesses have had to reduce compensation while still balancing expenses and workload.

Many businesses have started to feel some minor trends toward stability but the road back is very long and rewards, especially financial, are still some time off into the future such as 2013.  Until then, a few hours of productivity impact allowing for staff to catch their breath on a warm spring day is a small investment to energize the team for the approaching summer.  With organizations still extremely lean, the vacation season adds additional burden on top of already stressed personnel.

This week, take a look at what you can do for your team that is no/low cost that gives them a reward for all their hard work and continued support for the success of the business.  Much like the trees and flowers blossoming, so to can your business by giving the team a little boost of warmth from the leadership.

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