Having a Personal Plan

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May 10, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Having a Personal Plan

My work activities puts me in contact with many business leaders.  Some are business owners while others are in leadership roles in various size organizations. All have had some degree of success in more than one area of their life. It is not just all about work.

In conversations with these leaders, most of them will emphasize that having some balance in their lives has been important to their success. All of them stressed that there are times in their careers that they did need a very defined work focus in order to move beyond their current level of success to a higher level of results.  It is during those periods of time that they each needed a personal plan to navigate this time of change.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a vision and mission for a business.  They are the guiding principles and direction the organization is taking in order to position itself in the marketplace to grow and be profitable. Some organizations are very committed to their guiding documents while others use them casually to nudge themselves back on track.

As leaders in our businesses, communities and families, we need to not just have a plan for the work aspects but equally so a plan for our personal success.  Yes it will include aspects of the business but there are many other dynamics that need to be part of the overall plan.

This week, take some quiet time to simply think about your personal plan.  Does it exist either in your head or have you taken the time to write it down?  I might suggest you write it down so that you have a means to reflect upon it as time goes by and determine if it is still true or if it needs updating.

What aspects of your personal life need to be included beyond your business life?  Maybe have some conversations with your family, close friends, colleagues and get their input.

The key thing here is to give yourself the opportunity to dream a little and then capture your energy in a plan to follow.  We can all drive somewhere we know but when we don’t know where we are going all roads either lead toward it or away from it.

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