What is critical to job performance

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May 17, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


What is critical to job performance

In working with many organizations and leaders of various industries, I have the pleasure of looking inside what are the ingredients of building a successful business.  It is not the product or process or procedures.  It is in the PEOPLE!

People come up with the ideas, the product, the processes to define the business. A business can have the best practices but if the people are not engaged into executing them the end result is far less than its ultimate potential.

As the economy begins to show positive signs of recovery with housing prices stabilizing and slightly recovering, businesses are hiring a few more resources to their workforce. These hires are some of the most critical in years. The businesses don’t have excess cash flow so every dollar invested must have a return.

Each new hire must bring some immediate impact to the bottom line.  To support this need, leaders will have to be selective on which people fill the demands of the job roles necessary to move their organization to the next level.

Many organizations have some sort of description of what they want the job to accomplish but few actually have an understanding of what it will take to successfully get the desired results in the job.

As part of JKL Associates toolbox, we help organizations go beyond a list of items the person does in the job and look at putting the round peg in the round hole.  Such things as what natural approach to working does the job demand? What rewards does the job offer beyond a paycheck? Does the job require written, verbal or what type of interpersonal skills?

This week, pull out those old antiquated job descriptions and upgrade them to reflect the key accountabilities the job demands.  Most organizations push this task off as they think they don’t have time for it.  The opposite is more true.  Without updated knowledge of what it really takes to perform the role, valuable resources are lost and unfortunately they are hidden costs the organization can never recover.

To assist leaders in building their organization, JKL Associates brings a benchmarking process to articulate the details of the job role. The time is now, before you hire your next employee, define exactly what they need to bring to the table and what you can expect from the role to contribute to growing your business.

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