Game Plan

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June 7, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Game Plan

It is the beginning of June.  5 months down and 7 months to go.  It is the start of the summer time challenges for businesses.  Vacations, long lunches and numerous other distractions from the business at hand.

The same distractions could be said about preparation for the football season which is primarily a fall sport. At the lower levels of football the season is not even on the minds of players, coaches or parents.  At the collegiate level, spring football is in full swing and beginning to wind down.

During this short but critical time for football and for business is the cycle of planning.  Putting together the game plans for a successful end of year run.

With 5 months of numbers at your hands, you can evaluate what is working, what is not working and what needs to be changed so the outcomes can be improved upon.

How do your actual revenue dollars compare to the budget you established for the fiscal year? How do they compare with last year – plus or minus? What trends can you associate to the difference? Of those trends, which can you leverage more of?

When a coach looks at films of their opponents, they look at both the offense and defense.  In business you need to look at growing revenues and managing costs.  These are the game plans to build a successful program for your business.

When the coach sees a deficiency in the blocking line of the opponents defense, then plays are designed to position their players in those gaps to exploit those openings. This allows for forward progress with objectives of touchdowns and points on the board.

As business owners and leaders, you too must evaluate your own offense and defense – those out selling your products and services as well as those in the operations side so they fulfill the client demands with in budget.

Each time your business leaves a gap in either the revenue production side of the house or in the operational fulfillment side then profit opportunity is lost.

This week, review your performance indicators from the first quarter and look at what gaps may need to be filled moving forward.  Identify the options and take action to move your resources into proper position to close the gaps and manage the game plans to a better outcome.

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