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June 21, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Over the Top

For those of you that only read the newsletter and have not directly interacted with me on a business strategist level then you may have a specific view based on these weekly snippets. For those having engaged JKL Associates directly to assist you in growing your lean profitable business then you most likely have a broader view.

As I’m pretty passionate about helping my clients move forward in the direction of their objectives, I can be very focused and some might call me intense.  Some might even say I’m over the top on some matters.

On either statement, I’ll take them as compliments as they capture the spirit by which I believe goods and services are to be delivered into the marketplace.

When business leaders look around and wonder what separates their business from the next competitor, they can identify various things they don’t see in their own organization.  Things such as unique products or specialized knowledge and even intellectual properties come to mind.

One factor that is many times overlooked is the passion by the leaders of the organization to not just be successful but to dominate their market space. To be Over the top! When the leaders have a collective energy to be in this role then that energy becomes part of the environment and culture of the organization.

It impacts everything in the business.  When candidates come to interview, they either have the energy or better quickly find it if they will be part of the team. When customers conduct a transaction, they feel it also and either benefit from it or take their business elsewhere where they can find it.

This week, observe the Over the Top energy that exists in your business.  Do you see it?  Can you feel it? Does it exist when you are not present in the building?

When surveys are done about the best companies to work for they do indicate things like compensation and benefits but the thing that always stands out is the environment and energy of the organization.  Is it a place you want to play in or not.

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