Candidate Shell Game

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July 19, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Candidate Shell Game

Every jeweler is looking for that perfect pearl in the oyster to compliment the necklace or earrings. Similarly every employer is looking for that ideal candidate to complement their staff to complete the talent needed to run the business.

The challenge for the jeweler is that the sea is full of oysters much like the overwhelming number of candidates looking for work.  Both the jeweler and the hiring manager are having to do a shell game. The jeweler fortunately has pearl providers that have already opened up the oysters and extracted the pearls into various classification.  The jeweler simply has to select from the type, style, color etc. and fashion a necklace or pair of earrings accordingly.

The business owners job of looking for employees is not always as easy.  Yes there are providers that will do searches based on job descriptions and role needs but ultimately the hiring manager must interview and make decisions about candidates based on various factors.

Unlike pearls, candidates are more varied in what they bring to the work setting.  As owners look at candidates, they must assess how they fit into the culture.  Does their background add value or will it be a hindrance.  What drives the person to be successful and who will actually show up for work after they are hired.

In todays employment marketplace, the competition is fierce.  The “BEST” talent is potentially still employed somewhere and hesitant to leave for an unproven opportunity.  Others that have been in the unemployment ranks for various reasons must compete not only against each other but against the unknown mindset of the interviewer.

To assist in this process, JKL Associates along with our Strategic Partner – TTI Performance Systems brings a patented Job Benchmarking process to enable business to identify the real job role demands and characteristics needed to be a performer in the role.  This process helps companies more fully understand not only the candidates and how they can be part of the team but they also more fully understand the role and how the job role  contributes to the success of the organization.

By having a defined system of job role elements, the employer can navigate the sea of candidates more effectively not only to hire the best resources for their organization but also to do it legally within the proper business practices.

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