Let’s Make It Difficult

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July 26, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Let’s Make It Difficult

I’m pretty sure that most leaders don’t wake up in the morning and say to themselves, let’s go into work today and make it difficult for our employees to be successful. In fact, most if not all, are thinking hard about ways to try to improve their business so that it becomes less of a challenge and more of an opportunity to be successful.

It is very odd how employees and leaders can’t just interact to help the business process flow so much better.  The employees are the ones doing the tasks on a daily basis and should have the greatest insights on how to improve the outcome. The leaders, on the other hand, have the end objectives in mind and when passed along to the staff should be a focal point for achieving success.

It seems so simple yet every day I get invited into a business and the challenges are not the same but there are recurring themes and problems.  Employees don’t believe management has their best interest in mind and leaders wonder why their employees don’t care more about the business at hand.

This week it is time to stop the recurring challenge and redirect that energy into something more productive.  Leaders – gather a few employees around and ask them for their input.  Be genuine and actually take just one thing they bring up and do something about it.  Demonstrate you listened, heard and then acted upon their input.  This process must start at the top to show that yes you can listen and act upon their input. Do this a few times over the next few weeks and demonstrate tangible movement forward.

After a few weeks then collect them again and give them something small to build upon from their input.  Give them a full picture as to how and why it fits into the short/long term strategies for the business and let them go execute.  Recognize their efforts and reward them (no special or costly activity) to acknowledge their progress.

This back and forth effort will begin to foster open communication and a fuller understanding of how leadership and staff can and must work together for continued success.

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