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August 2, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646



For the past week the Olympics have been in full swing. From opening ceremonies to multiple venues and various sports the worlds’ talent is  being showcased.

Make no mistake about it, the Olympics are BIG business especially in the United States.  For example, the USA Olympics program is run under donations primarily from corporate sponsorship dollars.  This is where corporate dollars from Coke, Home Depot, BMW and many more put their dollars forward to sponsor athletes while they train and compete.  The other dollars come from general donations from every day citizens.    The USOC is the managing entity behind the Olympics in the USA and they do award $25,000 for a Gold, $15,000 for Silver and $10,000 for a Bronze metal performance.

Beyond that corporate sponsors take on key athletes to promote their products and services. This is where the athletes make the real wins for their financial future.

These investments some times are great for their corporations and in some case they fall apart shortly after the games are over and the thrill of the Olympics drifts off until 2 years when the winter games take place or 4 more years for the summer games.

Most of the readers of this newsletter are not in the position to self sponsor an athlete for the Olympics.  On the other hand most business owners do have the opportunity to contribute at a community level for various sports from Little League Softball and Baseball to Gymnastics and Soccer.

Part of sports participation is building the confidence in the players to be part of future business teams.  They may not swim, run or even jump but they will be part of a career that involves other staff members.

This week take a look at your financial commitments and see if your business can take back not just a financial support for a local community team but maybe get the business to go out and cheer for the players. As business owners, we need to recognize these are not only future employees but they are also consumers of future products.

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