Your people are part of your BRAND

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August 9, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Your People are part of your BRAND

Everyone knows how difficult it is to build a personal positive reputation and how quickly it can be tarnished by some foolish act. The same is very true for your business and the brand you are creating.

Business owners will work tirelessly and spend large sums of money to market and position their businesses but will short change the process of hiring and training their people. As important as the the image of the golden arches maybe to McDonalds, it is the people, the restaurant environment and yes the food that keep loyal patrons returning and spending dollars.

If the food was bad, McDonalds would not be in business very long and they have been around for better than half a century.  If the physical environment was not welcoming then some portion of the patrons would stop returning.  This actually started to happen and McDonalds went into a large refurbishing strategy. Finally it comes down to the staff at the business.  If they are not well trained then the customer will not be well served.

Training starts prior to the hire of the employee.  Business owners need to make sure they are bringing in the right people that fit into their culture.  When they fit into the culture, the training which reflects the culture is not just an exercise in transferring how to do things but more about how things are to be done to take care of the customer.

Your advertising and marketing will hopefully get customers to become interested in your products or services.  It is your people that will or will not keep them coming back for more.

This week take a look at your culture, your hiring practices, your training practices and your staff.  Are your branding efforts coordinated so that each employee hired fits into your branding strategy?

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