You Didn’t Build That

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August 16, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


You Didn’t Build That

Well we are 82 days before election day 2012.  This election is building to be one of the most significant of the century. It will lay the ground work for the future of this once great nation.  A republic built by our fore fathers who understood Responsibility, Accountability and real work ethic.

Unfortunately the direction of this country has now been placed in question by politicians which are more concerned for themselves than WE THE PEOPLE.

Just this past week, both parties have accused each other of taking words out of context.  The double talk and finger pointing does nothing to right this nation and put us back squarely on the track to a fundamentally sound republic. The liberals and democrats have decided that a more socialistic growth for our nation is correct. Thus allowing for expansive government growth, power and systems to provide for anyone not wanting to contribute back into society. The conservatives and republicans believe that each person needs to be responsible and accountable for their future and not be dependent on government support systems.

As small business leaders, our core beliefs of creating a growth economy and independent jobs is being slowly pushed aside.  The walls between the “Wealth” and the “Entitleist” are being laid brick by brick and this wall will be as strong as the Berlin wall if not torn down in this election.

Too often people have stated that in the business world we can’t talk about religion or politics. Today I’m breaking that old adage and stepping up for small business, Christians and conservative leaders and promoting that we had better start talking about what is truly right and wrong in this nation or we could very well add more bricks and mortar to the walls of separation.

This week take a look at the business you have built.  Do you want or need more government intervention in dictating how you should run your business?  Do you want them bailing out weak businesses that conform to their view points only to drown out the strong businesses that believe in capitalism?

This nation is not a democracy – it is a republic.  Our founding fathers made that very clear.  More recently politicians like to blur the meanings to their advantage to get re-elected.  As business leaders you know what it really takes to build a business.  Let us not tear down the nation that gave us such great opportunity to those who chose to be all about wanting but not about doing.

Time to stop being quiet and start talking aloud to make sure the future of this once great nation is not handed over to takers rather than providers.

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