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August 23, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646



I was at a young amateur sporting event the other day and witnessed a growing trend in our society.  No, it was not body piercing, tattoos or any of the many other adornment activities that both male and females are doing to individualize themselves.  It was the blatant outright lies of players to coaches and officials. To make things even worse, it was almost as if it was expected or was the norm.

I’ll give you an example but by no means is this restricted to any one sport, venue or limited to sports.

A pitcher delivered the ball to the plate poorly and in the dirt. The batter jumped and avoided being hit by the pitch but went down to the ground holding their foot like they had been hit. It was pretty obvious there was no contact with the player and the ball. The umpire awarded a ball on the batter.  The coach for the team came out and asked the umpire why the player was not awarded first base and the umpire replied that the player was not hit by the pitch.  The coach then asked the player if they had been hit by the pitch and the player said they were hit by the pitch.


Lying to gain an advantage on the field of sports.  Has the breakdown of personal integrity and honesty moved so far from the truth that young athletes will sacrifice truth to be awarded something they are not entitled to receive?

Unfortunately the answer is a resounding YES.  Our society has allowed the concept of a little white lie to foster into an acceptable practice to get what one person wants even at the extent of out right lies.

As business leaders you are unfortunately challenged by this every day.  New candidates place information on resumes that are just not true.  If you don’t take the time to validate then you are potentially over trusting.

Employees lie to other employees to fabricate stories to hide incompetency or failures.  Some employees will even go as far as throwing others under the bus to save their own hide for their own mistakes.

There is a great deal of lack of “Personal Accountability” that not only exists in our society but in some circles is almost a badge of honor to have misconceived another person and got away with it.

This week, take some time to take off the rose colored glasses and look at your employees.  Are they a group of people or a team working together for a common good.  Are they willing to not only support one another but also hold each other accountable to high standards no matter what the ramification of their actions?

Engage your staff to help them understand and appreciate that deceptive business is costly business.  No you don’t find a line item in your balance sheet for these types of costs but they are definitely taking profits away from your bottom line.

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