Your Business – 2015

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September 5, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Your Business – 2015

As we wrap up the 3rd quarter of 2012 and begin the planning for 2013 during the 4th quarter, there are tough questions that must be answered.

Too often in the most recent years, business leaders used timeframes for planning of 12 months or less.  This was driven by the faltering economy and the let’s just survive mentality.  There was nothing wrong with this reality but as we look forward we must start viewing a longer more strategic path to business growth.

The state of the economy is still not well defined.  Depending on who or what you get your information from will sway your perspective. With this being an election year, the amount of truth and lies will churn like a storm of data.  Unfortunately the facts will somehow get lost by the media.

A few things are for certain.  The US debt is out of control and spending will need to be addressed or the US economy has the potential to end up similar to Greece. Yes, it will take longer simply because of size but the fall will be just as hard if not harder.

As business leaders we can not stick our heads in the sand and wait out the future.  The greatest impact on improving the US economy will come from existing small and medium sized businesses along with new entrepreneurial start up efforts.  More jobs and commercial transactions per capita need to exist in all business sectors.  No one single industry will lead the US out of debt. Nor will any one reduction of spending.

As owners, you have actually been living the experience of running your business and have had to make the tough decisions regarding people, time, resources etc. These same decisions will need to be made by the upcoming administration or business as we have come to know it in the US will be forever changed.

If you view the future as opportunity to growth and revitalization then the tough questions about your business also need to be answered this fall when planning your 2013, 2014 and 2015 three year strategies. Each leader has been weathering the storm.  Now it is time to chart the course back to growth that is strategic and build on sound technical principles which integrate with a returning economy.

This week begin your quest for planning your future by starting to capture the insights or your top leaders in preparation for planning your future this fall.

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