Feedback Culture

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September 20, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Feedback Culture

Does your business  have a feedback culture?

In most successful businesses a critical component is a much overloaded element to their results – employee and management feedback. I’m not talking about the pats on the back and the ceremonial thank you which are all good but I’m referring to the critical reflective feedback which no one likes but it needs to be spoken.

How your business has evolved over the years greatly impacts this open, potentially conflict based environment.  Oddly enough, you just read the word “CONFLICT” and negative vibrations maybe passed through your body. To often this word causes this feeling or negative connotation. Constructive conflict has a greater opportunity to refine your business than most other interventions.

Unfortunately, too many business leaders have restricted constructive conflict in favor of group hugs which are to far from genuine and all about the perception of team work.

Constructive conflict when part of the culture of a business can be a key differentiator over the competition.  If can spur critical and strategic thinking among the staff.  It can build respectful relationships between employees that can more effectively weather any rough time the business passes through.

As leaders in your business and community, we must take a good look at what is the environment of the world around us and ask ourselves. What culture is necessary to be focused on growth and success?

Migrating toward a successful feedback culture is not a simple process.  It is not about calling a meeting and announcing it.  It is more about making a conscious respectful commitment to the colleagues in the business to talk about what is working right and dialogue constructively on what needs change and improve.  It takes away the finger pointing and back stabbing and replaces it with respectful exchange of knowledgeable ideas. Colleagues must admit to themselves first that others do have the skills of  critical thinking and can bring vital insights to the collective group.

This week, take a look at your business and rather than trying to find that new widget which will differentiate you from the competition, look internally at your company and determine if your feedback culture is or can be that next big step in moving your business forward.

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