Corrective Lenses

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October 4, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Corrective Lenses

For those reading this who wear glasses you are already familiar with both the positives and negatives of using the corrective eyewear.

The good news is that the lenses correct your eyesight to allow you to more clearly focus on the outside world.  Bringing color and images to a sharp appearance so that you can take in what is being presented.

The bad news is that what the lenses bring into focus may not be to your liking.

When looking at your business performance you need to make sure you are not looking through rose colored glasses.  Your view must be realistic regardless of the images you may want to see.

This week take a closer look around your organization and see if you need corrective lenses in order to view what is really going on.  Have you taken a softer view through rose colored glasses to not deal with certain problems or challenges?

Are certain business processes, people or clients such a challenge that you tend to look away rather than deal with the situation?

As you look around your business, turn over a few of those rocks that you pass by every day and see what you might find underneath them.  You might not like what you see but you better deal with it before it becomes an even large project to be dealt with down the road.

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