Player Ranking

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October 11, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Player Ranking

Fall weather has arrived and baseball division playoffs are in full swing.  The coaches of the teams have all the details and statistics from the past 162 games to call upon to make high probability decisions for the many game situations they will be presented with to make it to the World Series.

As the head coach of a business, do you have the details and statistics to make the best decisions to propel your organization to the next level?

How current are those facts and figures?

Many business owners drive their business by looking in the rearview mirror.  They wait until the month is complete and their accountant works up the numbers and provides them with a set of income and balance statements to see how they did. This information is good and valuable but in the middle of the month or quarter, what data do you call upon to make forward thinking decisions?

If the coach of the baseball team had to wait until the game was over to make decisions then it would be potentially too late. If all the decisions are based on gut reaction with no detail to support them then you run your business on guesswork. With today’s technology, batting averages and pitching averages are instantaneously updated and proved during the game based on all kinds of various situations.

Your business too can look at daily performance on various areas of interest.  Sales, margin, profit can all be generated from your accounting software.  Your point of sale system can identify which items are selling and which items need adjustment in your inventory model to ensure they are in stock and ready to meet with customer demands.

You can look at the individuals in your company and their performance records to see which need training and which should potentially be traded at the end of the season. 

This week take the time to make a list and rank your team players from 1 to ###.  Make two columns – one from your gut and then the other based on statistical data.  See if your gut level rankings need some adjustments.  Keep the list around and as the month progresses, review it.  See if the ranking change daily, weekly or monthly? 

Always know who are your best hitters for which situation and which you can put on waivers in the off season.

If you are going to have a winning team for your business, you must start with winning players and business strategy.

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