Employee Confidence


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October 18, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Employee Confidence

I have been witnessing a trend in organizations both large and small.  It is the status of the level of employee confidence on various matters. Some are the result of the last few years and the drain the economy has had on both businesses and the people.  Others are the result of leadership not taking the time to recognize the resources they have and designing a plan to help the employees gain a greater sense of confidence in their talents.

Take the 20 something employee – recent college graduate, fresh into the marketplace, excited about their first real work experience but internally many of them lack genuine confidence in their skills and talents.  Everything they have is theory with a few internship activities to give them a sense of “is this really what I want to do for my career.”

Take the 30 something employee – been in the workplace for about 10 years and has some real life work experiences to call upon. Depending on how those situations were handled by leadership at the teachable moments greatly influences the level of confidence the person brings and demonstrates daily in the work setting.

If we look at the 40, 50 and even some 60 something employees their confidence in not just doing their role but being able to daily contribute with discipline and confidence is all over the board. Their work experiences have either contributed to their confidence growth or have declined its maturing.

I will agree that there are a few exceptions to every statement here.  Those that exude confidence rise above the everyday employee and seek out greater demands of themselves and of others. People that have a genuine confidence, they possess a sense of worth of themselves and use that talent not only for self-growth but to enable those around them.

This week take a look at your team.  Which individuals have truly genuine confidence?  Not cocky attitudes but a genuineness of confidence in themselves and in those around them?  Have a few minute conversation with them to identify how they can help other in the organization begin to build confidence.  Identify those who could use a confidence infusion.  Target efforts to nurture the levels of confidence in your people over the next few months and you will begin to see a fuller sense of leadership and ownership in your business success.

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