Weakening employee engagement


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November 15, 2012 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Weakening Employee Engagement

Maybe it is just a sign of the times but many of the executives I have spoken with over the past few months have all indicated in one way or another that employees are not as engaged in being part of success for themselves and/or the business.

It is not due to lack of opportunity.

It is not due to artificial expectations.

It is not due to the staff not having the potential to excel.

Case in point is a young person that has been given the tools, time and education to move into a bigger role in an organization and although they start out like gang busters, they gradually grind down to a slow pace.

Some of the challenge today is others in the organization doing everything they can to hold others back so they don’t advance because they themselves don’t want to grow or move forward. As a result they craft various bullying techniques as subtle as they may be to cause those who start out strong to weaken.

This even happens in our government.  Newly elected officials go to national or state level positions with the intent to do the people in their district a fair service.  Upon arriving they immediately start to get poisoned by others to stop being so gung ho on improving things.

This week take a look around your organization or at those individuals you interact with regularly.  Are they engaged or just going through the motions. If they are fully engaged, then recognize them for their commitment to excellence.  If they have started to slide down the slippery slope to weakening engagement then pull them aside and help them recognize where they are and where that are “NOT” going.

It might feel a little awkward but if as leaders we don’t step up and address this trend then shame on us.  We get what we don’t address.

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