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January 10, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Let Go to Grow

One of the biggest challenges for newer business owners, managers, supervisors and leaders is to take the risk on letting go of doing tasks themselves and allowing others to do them for them. It is almost counter intuitive.  The hard focused task related work that propelled them to the level of leadership they now hold must be left behind.  They need to focus on more strategic thinking and running the business by the numbers vs. being the number generator.

A good example is a sales manager that still sells day in and day out to cover the sales goal for underperforming sales reps and not get programs and systems in place to enable the rep to perform.  They are so caught up in doing the action they don’t develop those around them to do the actions.

This limits their ability to grow the business.  In fact it costs the business in terms of increased overhead and expenses.  If the business could survive with out a sales manager then one would not be necessary.  The idea of a sales manager is to replicate the sales volumes of multiple reps thus covering not only the cost of management but adding additional profit to the bottom line through the replication of sales. When the manager limits the performance to only the transaction they themselves can produce then the net results will be lower and cost the organization more money.

This week, look around your organization at your leaders.  Are they developing those in their area of responsibility to replace them or are they doing their job functions for them?

I recognize that from time to time a manager needs to step in and help do some of the heavy lifting.  In fact it is good to gain that perspective.  If the manager continues to provide that support then either the manager needs to be redeveloped or the other talent in the organization needs to be redeveloped. Either situation long term drags down profit and overall morale in the business.

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