Strategy without action is a waste of energy

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January 17, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Strategy without action is a waste of energy

A short time ago I received a call from an acquaintance wondering if I could conduct a strategic planning session with him and a colleague for a business they were involved in. My initial reaction was sure it is something I do quite often so when and where.

As we talked a little further, it became apparent that the business has done multiple strategic planning sessions where the leadership gets together and maps out goals and objectives.  They then all go on their separate ways only to have many of the strategies (I might not call them that but that was the word they told me) fall apart or never come to closure.

This now intrigued me as this is not the first opportunity where a potential prospective business transaction came to me after they had already spent money with another entity and the end result was less than desirable. What caused this to happen?

I suggested that prior to going through a full strategy session etc. lets just get key leaders together and talk about the what and why of the past.  They were resistant in the beginning as they already knew what they needed and it was another strategy meeting. After some additional discussion they agreed and we went forward.

I won’t bother with all the details but the bottom line was they would always have great ideas and have some large over arching strategies but never moved them into executable steps so action could take place. It was not that they did not work on things nor that stuff did not get done that contributed toward some end objective but the assembly of all the little items did not equal the final end result desired.

Unfortunately I had to level with them and declined a subsequent strategic planning meeting because they really did not need more strategies, tactics goals or objectives.  What they really needed was a kick in the pants to put in place measurable items and action plans to move forward.  The whole idea of measurable was not foreign to them but they did not like the idea of being held accountable.

This week, as 2013 rolls forward, stop and make sure your strategies have measurables and timeframes to hold those responsible, accountable to the deliverable.  If not – STOP and get them in place.  You don’t want to be in late December wondering why your goals are not accomplished.

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