Investing in Self

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January 24, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Investing in Self

As part of building your business you must also build yourself. This means setting aside budget – $$$ and Time – $$$ to invest into bettering the person you need to be to run your business.

It is different for each person.  Some may need hard skills improvement like taking an on line training class to help you better know how to use a computer program.  Others may need to improve their interpersonal skills so they can interact better with customers and employees. Still others may need a pure mental health break and get away from the business to reflect on where it is, where it needs to go and what is it going to take to get there.  These types of strategic retreats exist at some awesome locations and typically incorporate some pleasure time and executive interaction time.

Maybe this year you will take the time to set up a Master Mind group of key leaders which can gather monthly to discuss business dynamics and ways to leverage or compete against them.  Keep the group small and have select disciplines represented in the group from legal, insurance, HR, marketing, technology etc.  Meet at a convenient restaurant for dinner and have a structured agenda to stay focused.

Some of you will look to business conferences and there are plenty of them out there.  Be sure that the speakers and agenda are aligned with your business needs.  Sometimes it is not the big conferences that you get the most out of.  Small more topic specific can be short in length and have a positive chemistry amongst the attendees.

Regardless of which avenue to self improvement you select, be sure you select one and invest in executing the choice.  I witness way to many business owners restrict their businesses growth because they can’t leave it in order to build it.

By planning to be away from the office you need to plan on who and how it will run in your absence.  This project in and of it self is a learning exercise.  It exposes potential gaps in leadership and business processes.  This is the year to move forward and investing in yourself will give great returns.

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