Overcoming Obstacles

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January 31, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Overcoming Obstacles

Last week as part of my “Investing in Self” I traveled to a business conference to gain insights into the latest research around tapping into, understanding and transforming human potential into results. The conference was outstanding.  I walked away with many insights that will bring results to my clients over the coming months.

As part of the conference, there was a keynote speaker that addressed the audience with his topic of “Unstoppable.” The speaker was Anthony Robles, the 2010-2011 NCAA individual wrestling champion.

Now his story might be fairly straight forward until you come to understand he was born with out one of his legs.

I won’t attempt to recall and rearticulate his speech but should you have the opportunity to listen to Mr. Robles, I would strongly encourage you to take up the opportunity and listen.

Each day we are faced with various obstacles that appear to be overwhelming. From people issues to cash flow to any number of challenges that are impacting your business’s performance or your personal effectiveness.  We see these as limits rather than opportunities to grow stronger and better at what we do.

As in the picture above, initially we must work harder to identify the obstacles and give thought as to how to resolve or defeat the challenge.  We may need to think broader and higher to come up with solutions that just might assist in either filling the hole or jumping over the ravine.

In Mr. Robles speech he told of many situations where people would have understood if he would have given up.  He could keep his head held high and taken the easier road.  He chose not to give in but to push on even when under great stress and challenged with sickness and family matters which most people would just throw in the towel.

I know that I’m no NCAA wrestler but I do know what I’m made of and how I can use those tools to consistently move forward on my path to strategic results.  The question this week is – Do you know yourself or are you just guessing or hoping?

The conference theme was – Pursuing Excellence with Passion and Purpose.  Mr. Robles not only was a perfect example of the theme but enabled those attending to pause and reflect on our past, present and future.  Are we in the pursuit of excellence on a daily basis?   Do we pursue what ever our calling with passion and purpose?

Take some time this week to answer these questions for yourself.  If you struggle then maybe you need to take additional time to reflect and get focused.  If it comes quick and clean then enjoy the passion filled ride to your next level of success.

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