Ignorance is not Bliss–It is….

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February 14, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


Ignorance is not Bliss–It is…

The absence of taking on accountability – personal or civic.

For years people have used the phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” when they find out some details about a situation that when known, change the persons perspective. Then they wish they would not know them now.

This is running rampant in our workplaces and society.  In fact to some degree, it is almost a badge of honor to some to be ignorant so they don’t have to get involved.  People use their mismanagement of time and lack of setting proper priorities to dodge responsibility and then plead ignorance to the situation thinking this is a blissful place to be.

The challenge I raise to business leaders this week is how are you dealing with the pervasive situation in your business?  If you look at your organization it exists.  Maybe you too are being ignorant to situation in your business because you just don’t want to deal with them right now.  Maybe you feel there are more pressing issue so you become ignorant to dealing with them as you dismiss the small and only deal with the large.

Is this part of your culture?  Did your culture start here or did it evolve here based on leaderships lack of actions?

I realize these are hard words for some to digest and just maybe it is poking directly at their own personal accountability.

Not dealing with this challenge will overtime add lots of soft costs to your expense sheet.  Some you will find in the “Legal” column when you need to defend inappropriate behavior between two employees.  Some will show up in high rates of turnover – especially with some of your top performers.  They just won’t stand for a culture that rewards lack of responsibility and personal accountability. How ever it manifests itself, it will cost you.

This week, pause and look at yourself and your organizations culture.  Is ignorance really bliss or is it the cost of lack of accountability?

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