Spring Training

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February 21, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


                            Spring Training

So the teams are reporting for spring training and there is lots of excitement for the coming season.  Franchise owners are promoting “this will be the year” so you better get your tickets early.  The marketing machines to support the payroll is in full swing.

Payroll for MLB teams range from $200,000,000 at the top to $55,000,000 at the bottom.  It takes a lot of tickets and concessions stand sales to cover those costs and turn a profit.  It does not happen by accident.  It happens by a designed strategy and well executed tactics.

It might be spring training for the athletes but the home office has been working since that last out of the past season to get ready.

Does your business have the same ongoing drive to prep, plan and execute to achieve the success you would like?

The glamor of major league sports hides lots of the challenges that take place behind the scenes.  You don’t have to think back too far to understand this is a big stakes game with the NHL lock out etc.

Most all of us tend not to play at this level but our businesses are equally critical to the lives of our employees.  Your business success is the difference to your employees paying the mortgage, having a car and paying for college tuition.

This week take a look around your business.  Are there people, processes, or procedures that need to get ready for success.  They don’t show up on opening day ready.  They need leadership to get them and keep them engaged in success.  Yes some are easier to get and keep performing at high levels.  There are also those which take too much energy to keep moving forward.

We are only one and a half months into 2013.  Now is the time to rethink your 2013 plans and make tweaks to the plan as you move into the end of the first quarter.  Plan are designs you follow until you re-evaluate based on additional data not available at an earlier time. Each day, week, month, quarter of the business year you need to assess and take corrective strategies to achieve your goals.

The major league owners put players on waivers, move them to lower level leagues etc.  It is about winning and they must take the steps to achieve the goals to support the payrolls and profits.

Are you ready to lead your team to the world series?

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