Driving Ms. Crazy!

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March 7, 2013 – ISSN# 1545-2646


                            Driving Ms. Crazy!

Last week the Oscar’s were given out. There  was much hype about who would win, who wore what dress and then who won etc. For a bunch of people in the movie industry it is the night that gleams and glistens. For the media it is a feeding frenzy and gossip lovers paradise.

So what does this have to do with running and building a successful business? – well nothing at all – just checking to see if you were paying attention and prove a little about your staff that is driving you crazy!

I digressed to knock you off your focus.  This puts me in to a position of equality rather than being subordinate to another’s power. How much time was lost in your business with people talking about the Oscar’s on Monday morning?  Maybe it is Football or baseball or even the evening news.

Your employees do it all the time and to many owners it drives them crazy.

Consider a project that needs to get done.  It has a scope of work, deadlines etc. a team has been assigned to it and is working on making progress.  Since they have been putting in long hours and plenty of time they somehow figure they are entitled to some screw off time even when the project is not yet finished.  They become distracted one way or another and soon precious business time is washed away, never to be recovered. Deadlines rapidly approach and concessions to quality might take place.  New deadlines are requested. Changes to scope take place and on and on and on.

No, it does not happen every day and not in all companies but it is taking place throughout many small, medium, large and massive businesses including government across this country.  There seems to be an absence of bringing things to closure before the party begins and when that does not happen then they find reasons or excuses to distract from the real causes.

It is these distractions that cost your business great amounts of money. They knock you off center and you are forced to deal with the change – good or bad.

This week as you interact with your team, pay close attention to the reasons behind when and why things are not accomplished.  Why other things were allowed to take precedence over plans and objectives.

These reasons become a diversion to getting the real work accomplished and cause deadlines to be missed. I will grant that we only have 24 hours in a day but it is how one uses those hours to keep from going crazy while accomplishing the objectives at hand which is the key to future success.

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