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April 4, 2013 ? ISSN# 1545-2646


                            Dream Big then Execute

Having recently returned from a visit to Walt Disney World, one can only imagine a day in the life of Walt Disney. Coming from very humble beginnings, Walt and his brother Roy dreamt many things and brought some of them to results which are bigger than life itself.

We take for granted animation and many film techniques which in todays standards seem pretty archaic but it was the dream of the Disney brothers who took simple cartoons and gave them life.  Everyone know about the Mickey mouse story and the beginnings as Steamboat Willie. Not everyone realizes that Mickey grew out of a prior character which Walt lost the rights to and had to start over. The key was that he never stopped dreaming.  Setbacks came and went but he forged on.

Not unlike the Disney team, as business leaders we are also in the dream fulfillment business.  No, not by creating cartoons which speak or resorts to vacation at but by building all kinds of goods and services the world needs in day to day life.

The basis of building a business is sparked by an idea, then a dream to turn the idea into something.  If it stopped there then we would not have cars or computers or medicines.

The dreams took shape and then with passions which move mountains and a financial risk of all personal possessions, the idea and dream is converted into reality through the execution of the plan.

I have witnessed others, plus some of my own short comings, of not executing after the dream took shape. Not capturing and formulating the plan to execute only to bare witness to the idea coming to fruition by another person or company. How painful it is to have talked about an idea and dream only not to take the chance to bring it to market and then have to buy it later from a competitor.

This week it is about you, your ideas, dreams and plans.  Have you taken the time lately to dream?  To explore something new and different and come up with the next big thing? If so, have you formed a plan and backed it with passion?  Are you ready and willing to risk it all for success or failure to learn by?

You may already have the next great product or service in your mind.  You just need to get it captured and start to execute to bring it to reality.

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