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April 11, 2013 ? ISSN# 1545-2646

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                            It is a People Thing

In a world that is so heavily saturated with technology from cell phones to PC’s to any number of other means to interact between two individuals, it still comes down to people.

So many people these days interact from behind the technology.  They text, tweet, email, post on Facebook etc. and even once in a while still call and communicate via voice.  Are we losing the ability to use real interpersonal skills to talk face to face?

In some service industries where the customer interacts with the provider in a face to face setting it is becoming very apparent that those younger individuals that possess the interpersonal skills to vocally communicate and actually interact with the customer are more destine for growth in their job or career than those who struggle and flounder around in these settings.

There is a time and a place for texting and social media transactions but for more and more younger generation to be relying on this mode of interaction is alarming. 

I actually witnessed two people texting to each other from across the room rather than standing up and walking over and have a face to face conversation.  Are they lazy?  Are they conducting covert spying operations? Is the action of fingers on QWERTY keyboards on smart phones more effective than opening their mouths and expressing themselves?

Smartphones have become the safety and security blankets for the 10 to 40 year olds.  Like a small child’s need to have and hold their blanket and take it with them everywhere, the smart phone has evolved to the same craziness.  I know this may sound odd but I saw a gentleman in the restroom having to multitask his bathroom objectives while not stopping his texting.  I will grant this to the gentleman, he was quite the juggler.

Maybe in the past two people would have continued their vocal conversation while taking care of this type of business but adding the electronics into the picture just seems to have gone over the top.

Strangely enough the manufacturers and social media hounds keep pushing the envelop to cause greater and greater elusion of dependence on these less than personal interactions.

We all know this is a large problem. Cities and states are passing stiff laws against texting and other smart phone usage while driving.

Maybe I’m just old fashion or too traditional but what a sad day when we have to tweet our loved ones a kind word of accomplishment for a job well done as opposed to giving them a hug, a smile and a gentle kiss of approval.

This week take a look at your own interactions with your people.  Do you send them an email when you could go talk to them?  Do they send you an email so they don’t have to give you the bad news face to face? Would you be willing to enforce no texting, no email or no calling zones in your place of work to engage people to talk face to face?

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